Best Air Hockey Tables 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

You may not be familiar with the term air hockey, but there’s hardly any chance of you missing out on it, the last time you visited the arcade. It's an ideal addition to any game room and the perfect way to enjoy your leisure time. The game is not only restricted to children and teenagers but adults can also have a blast with air hockey.

So, if you are thinking about buying an air hockey table for your home or elsewhere, this article will help you with the entire process. We will not only tell you about the factors that should be taken into account when investing in a particular hockey table, but we will also provide you with a list of some of the best air hockey tables available in the market.

Let’s start off with the list of the best air hockey tables according to us.

Top Air Hockey Tables: Full Review of 2020

1. Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table

To begin with, the Atomic Top Shelf 7.5ft is an arcade style Air Hockey Table. The Atomic Top shelf 7.5ft air hockey table boasts of a number of features that include modern technology to bring about more fun in the game.

As the name suggests this air hockey table measures 7.5ft in length and has a playing surface of 82”. This means that the players have enough space to move around freely. The high quality reflective playing surface looks elegant and aids in the movement of the pluck easily and seamlessly over the surface. The heavy top on the table brings about stability. But the weight has one disadvantage I.e it is difficult if you want to move it around and affects the portability of the table. It has a powerful 120V motor that maximizes the flow of air through the blowers. This creates a more realistic gameplay and gives you the feel of the pusher and the puck flying with each strike.

The Atomic Top Shelf also features LED lighting and music that plays during the game. These lights and sound though may be a perfect companion when placed in an arcade but can be irritating and disturbing to some. To deal with this the table is equipped with a control center from where you can switch on / off the sounds as well as the light at your will. The Atomic comes with three pucks of three inches each and includes a hexagonal puck with LED lights that spins when hit or exposed to the air flow. An electronic score keeper on the side gives you an accurate score of each goal that a player makes. It will also give you a countdown of the time in each game so that you know how much time is left to score.

Overall a great air hockey table for the arcade with a lot of advanced features suited to the advanced and serious players.


  • 7.5 ft table with 82” playing surface
  • Reflective play surface with powerful air flow
  • LED lights and music
  • Electronic accurate scorekeeper
  • Control center


  • Not portable
  • LED lights and sound may be disturbing at time

2. Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table

The Harvil 4ft air hockey table has been designed keeping in mind the space constraint in most houses. Aimed at providing entertainment and a gaming experience to kids and adults alike, the Harvil air hockey table measures 48” (L)x28”(W)x31”(H) and can find a space even in a small corner of your home. It is light in weight I.e it weighs just 28 lbs and is hence extremely portable and can be easily shifted from one part of the room to the other.

The quality and the strength of the table has not been compromised though. The Harvil 4ft Air Hockey Table has a tough dense fiber wood construction. The arcade style table top stands on L-shaped legs which are equipped with adjustable levelers so that the table stands steady without any inclination even in an uneven floor. The leg as well as the side panel of the table has vibrant graphics that not only makes it attractive but gives it a vibrant sporty finish. Another advantage of this table is that it runs on batteries, So you do not have to set it up near an electrical output.

In addition the Harvil 4ft Air Hockey Table is equipped with an upgraded and stabilised electronic scoring unit that allows you to keep a track of the number of goals scored by each player. There is a manual scoring unit too which is substituted for the electronic one when the later is not working. The Harvil 4Ft Air Hockey table has wider goals so that retrieving the pucks are easier and a single powerful 100V CUL electronic fan blower that provides a steady and even airflow. The fan aids in smooth gliding of the puck on the table. The air hockey table comes with two sets of orange 75mm paddles and 60mm pucks and is backed by a 90 day warranty. Overall a decent and versatile air hockey table especially aimed for kids.


  • Light weight and portable
  • Compact small size run on batteries
  • Powerful Single fan electronic blower
  • Electronic as well as manual scorekeeper
  • Adjustable stand levelers
  • Budget friendly


  • Electronic score unit is defective at times
  • Hard to retrieve the puck after a goal is scored

3. Sport Squad HX66 Air Hockey 66 in. with Table Tennis

Sport Squad HX66 Air Hockey 66 in. with Table Tennis

The Sport squad HX66 with conversion top is a multi game air hockey table that has the ability to being converted to a table tennis table when required. Though not the best air hockey tables available and cannot be compared to the arcade or tables that are dedicated to air hockey nor does it provide a standard sized table tennis playing surface but this conversion table top gives the kids a chance to shuffle between the two games at will and is mostly designed for fun and recreational purposes. It is not very small and compact either and measures 66”(L)x32”(W)x32”(H). The Sport squad HX66 weighs 85 lbs and is portable and can be shifted from one part of the room to the other easily. The unit comes with a air hockey table, an AC adaptor, three fast action round pucks and two plastic pushers. In addition, there is a 6mm medium density fiberwood table tennis top with a net and post system along with three table tennis balls and two table tennis rackets.

The Sport Squad HX66 table top is made of engineered wood and provides a perfect playing surface. A single high output fan provides a uniform airflow to give you a smooth air hockey playing experience. It is also equipped with a digital scorer that accurately takes note and displays the number of goal scored while the goal at each end is enabled with a puck return mechanism that easily lets you grab the puck after an opponent has scored a goal.

The sturdy legs with levelers add to the durability of the product and this product is designed to withstand hours of rigorous gameplay.


  • Light weight and portable
  • Conversion table top with table tennis top
  • Engineered wood table top with sturdy legs is durable
  • Equipped with a digital scorer and puck return goal system


  • Not as good as arcade style air hockey tables
  • Table tennis table not of the standard size

4. Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table 5.5-ft for Kids

Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table 5.5-ft for Kids

The Hathway Enforcer Air hockey table is a perfect addition to the recreational room. The colourful arcade style air hockey table with LED graphics add fun and excitement to the game. The table measures 65” in length, 32” in width and 32” in height. The table is neither too small nor too large and can be stored easily and is useful to adults as well as kids.

The unit includes two red 3” strikers and two red 2.5” pucks. The Hathway Enforcer calls for a simple two tool assembly. The wrench and the allenkey required for assembling comes along with the unit. The MDF made PVC coated playing surface is sturdy and at the same time resists scratches and scrapes and is responsible for providing you a smooth gaming experience. The fast paced playing surface is facilitated with a highly powerful 110 V motor that takes care of the air circulation so that your puck can glide over the surface with ease. The axial fan circulates the air through 1500 holes in the playing surface.

The goals are equipped with integrated automatic puck return system for easy puck retrieval. The electronic as well as manual scoring units let’s you keep a track of the progress. The gaming experience is further enhanced by the LED graphics and hockey captions on the walls of the table. The LED lights also enhance the zeal of the players during the game and is not just a pleasant sight. The high tempo music adds to the effects and the fun of the game.

The durability and stability of the table can’t be questioned due to the sturdy material with which it is built. The levelers in the legs stabilize the table and gives you a tumble free gaming experience. The table is supported by a 180 day limited warranty.


  • Arcade style light weight 66” table
  • MDF table with glossy PVC lamination
  • LED graphics, lights and music to enhance the fun
  • 110V motor that circulates the flow of air
  • Sturdy legs with levelers
  • Electronic and manual score boards


  • Assembly takes quite a long time

5. Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table

Atomic Blazer air hockey table is one of the most inexpensive arcade style air hockey tables available and can fit into any budget constraint with ease. This air hockey table which more or less resembles a hockey field with its black and white color combination is meant for kids and grown-ups alike. This sleek and high speed air hockey table measures 7ft in length and though it has the measurements of a competitive style game, it is meant for recreational use and cannot withstand the overuse required for competitive style gaming.

The playing surface is made of a sturdy MDF material with PVC lamination that brings about smoothness to the game. This effect is further enhanced by the 120 V motor that maintains a steady current of air so that the puck glides through the surface easily and you can have an uninterrupted game for a long time. The edges of the air hockey table are equipped with red, blue and green LED lights and the LED lumen X technology that adds to your gaming experience. The lights change every time a person scores thereby enhancing the fun factor in the game. There is an additional LED puck that can be utilised when you are playing in the dark.  The hexagonal puck adds up to the challenge of the game and increases the difficulty level.

The best air hockey table weighs around 155 pounds and requires two persons if you want to move it around. The legs are sturdy and have levelers so that you can adjust it even in an uneven floor. The Atomic Blazer 7’ air hockey table comes with 2 pushers, 2 black pucks and a hexagonal puck.


  • 7’ Air hockey table with LED lights and music system
  • MDF built playing surface with PVC lamination
  • 120V motor
  • Hexagonal puck included for additional challenge
  • Budget friendly


  • Not a competitive standard table
  • Edges not high enough which may result in occasional jumping of the pucks if struck hard

6. Triumph Lumen-x Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-x Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table

Triumph is one company that excels in the manufacturing of both indoor and outdoor games and has an unmatched reputation in the industry. The aesthetically designed air hockey table measures 72” in length, 40” in width and 31”in height and weighs around 75lbs which is decent enough to bring about stability to the table.

The Triumph lumen X-lazer air hockey table can be used by adults and kids alike and provides an ultimate gaming experience even in the dark. The lumen X-lazer technology illuminates the dark and brings about a completely new dimension to the game. Once you plug in, the blue LED strips that line the inside of the rails lit up the table while the interactive lights that blink on scoring a goal and the high tempo music brings about excitement and adds up the fun factor of the game. The MDF made playing surface is an inch thick and is supported by braces and panels and has a PVC lamination on top so that the puck glides over the surface with ease. The playing surface is surrounded by full aluminum rails that prevent the puck from jumping out of the board. The legs are sturdy and thick and the entire table is designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The arcade style air hockey table is powered by a dual motor set that maintains a constant steady flow of air so that the puck moves with ease and less effort is needed in each stroke. The electronic score board eliminates the need to keep the score manually. The Triumph Lumen X-lazer 6’ air hockey table is easy to assemble and comes with two 3.25” pucks and two LED pushers that light up in the dark along with a LED hexagonal spinner puck.


  • 6’ gaming table with interactive LED lights and music
  • Sturdy and can withstand abuse
  • Dual motor adds to the smoothness of the game
  • Controls help you choose between a bright lit flamboyant game and a silent one
  • Full aluminum rails


  • Not an ideal choice if you have space constraint

7. EastPoint Sports NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table

EastPoint Sports NHL Sting Ray Air Powered Hockey Table

A full size air hockey table for a complete gaming experience, the NHL Sting Ray Hover Hockey table measures 84” in length, 48” in width and 32” in height. With the measurements you can well understand that this table is big enough to accommodate 4 players playing together.

The table comes with a set of 4 pushers and 4 pucks. The MDF made playing surface is coated with a GlazeTek compound that adds shine to the surface and protects it from wear and tear and also brings about extra smoothness to the surface. The rails support the playing surface and prevent the puck from moving out while the power corners are patented and designed to give the puck an extra bounce. The legs are sturdy with levelers to accommodate in an uneven floor. The air hockey table takes a few minutes to assemble and can be set up in almost no time whatsoever.

The flip open electronic LED scoring board keeps a track of the score. It can be closed if you want to convert the table top to a table tennis board. The table tennis top does not accompany the main unit and has to be purchased separately if you wish to do so.  The stadium sounds will definitely boost the excitement in the game.


  • Full size air hockey table with convertible top
  • Foldable LED electronic scoring board
  • Stadium Sounds
  • 4 pucks and 4 pushers
  • Glazetek coated playing surface with power corners


  • Not suitable for small places
  • Not budget friendly

8. Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table

Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot

The Viper Vancouver air hockey table is a premium arcade style table that measures 90” in length, 50” in width and 32” in height. The large playing surface ensures that you have enough room to play freely without any constraints of maneuvering. The air hockey table is well known for it’s built and durability. The playing surface is built from reinforcing multiple layers of wood and is laminated to provide a glossy scratch resistant surface that will allow the puck to glide through the surface easily.

This is further enhanced by the 110 cubic feet per minute air flow provided by the blower that is attached to it.  The legs are slightly angular and tilt outwards to withstand the pressure generated during the gameplay. The graphic design on the playing surface makes it look like a rink. The overall look of the table simulates a hockey field along with the triangular scoreboard. You can set it to a count down of 10-15 points so that the first player to reach zero wins. The bazel has an inward taper so that the puck is thrown back to the board when it hits the bazel. The puck return facility eliminates any time wasted to retrieve the pucks after a goal is scored. The strikers or pushers have an ergonomic grip with the handle slightly bent towards the player for better grip and adaptability.


  • Large table
  • 110cc air blower
  • Bazel with inward taper
  • Strikers with ergonomic grips
  • Highly durable with triangular electronic scoreboard


  • Not suitable for small places
  • Not budget friendly
  • Takes time to assemble

Air Hockey Tables Buying Guide 2020

Though we have discussed about some of the best air hockey tables available in the market , all of these are of the arcade style. This is one of the most popular and budget friendly types but if you have a space constraint you can opt for a boomerang style air hockey table that occupies less space as the opponents play against a wall. The other popular types include the wooden table, the professional one, the foldable and the child air hockey table. But whatever style you choose there are a certain number of factors that have to be taken into account before you set off for buying an air hockey table.


The first and the most important factor is the size. Though professional or serious players would like to go in for a 8’ by 4’ table but choosing the table definitely depends on the availability of space at the place you want to set it up. If you do not have a space constraint then going for a standard table with the measurements mentioned above should suffice. Also the size of the table should be chosen in accordance with the people who want to play in it. If it’s only kids then choosing a large table will not only mean investing more money but will also be not suitable for them to play. A medium sized table should suffice kids and adults alike.


The capacity of the blower adds smoothness to the movement of the puck over the playing surface. So better the flow of air and more consistent it is the more smooth and uninterrupted will your game be. Electrically connected tables provide a stronger blower than battery operated ones. But if you live in an area where electricity is scarce then battery operated ones are the best options. The battery operated ones are also favored when you travel a lot.


The quality of the materials with which it is made is directly proportional to the durability of the table. Most tables have a MDF made playing surface with a lamination to add smoothness to the surface. You need to look into this carefully keeping in mind the amount of abuse that the table has to withstand. The rails that guard the playing surface play an important role too and keep the puck inside the table. The legs should have levelers so that it can counteract an uneven floor.


Small pucks are designed for tables that are meant for kids while large pucks are more suited for adults and teenagers. Small pucks are designed for tables that have less powerful blowers while large pucks are meant for tables that have heavier blowers. If adults play with small pucks, the pucks will not be able to withstand the force and will fly out of the gaming table often.


The additional features include manual or electronic scoring board, LED interactive lighting that blinks every time someone scores a goal, high tempo music and the appearance of the table. These features are optional and will only enhance the excitement in the game.


So we have already mentioned some of the best air hockey tables 2019 available and have also listed the major factors that have to be taken into account before investing in one. Now you can easily select the air hockey table of your choice and experience the gaming extravaganza that it has in store.

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