Best Pool Tables 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide

The pool or the billiards originates from the famous croquet or golf game that was popular among the royal families in France as early as the 14th century. The popular outdoor games which spread to England and Scotland in the later half of the century gained immense popularity and needed an indoor version as royal family members wanted to play it all the year round. Billiards was developed from this need and has been equally popular since then. In the 18th century, billiard tables were introduced in most Paris cafes and it was no longer restricted to the royal families.  Today it is a common recreational game even among the youth and a modern version of the billiards with pockets have been introduced as well. This pocket billiards or a game of billiards which involves pocketing the balls is known as pool. The pool table thus is similar to the billiards table with the exception of pockets in it.

Let us now have a glimpse of some of the best pool tables available in the market and for our convenience sake we would be referring to them as the billiard table though they would be having pockets in them. Check out the detail pool tables review 2019

Best Pool Tables 2020 Reviews

1. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5 billiard table

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver Pool Table

The first thing that strikes you when it comes to the Mizerak Dynasty Space saver 6.5’ pool table is its size. The standard billiard table ranges between 7’ and 10’ in length. The Mizerak Dynasty Billiard Table which is 6.5’ in length fits in a small room as well and scores over most of its contemporaries in providing an utmost gaming experience despite its size. The table measures 78” in length, 44”in width and 32” in height and weighs around 150-200lbs. This means that it is light enough to be transported to any room but heavy enough to be disturbed by an accidental bump.

The cross supports between the legs enhance the rigidity of the pool table and eliminates any risk of wobbling. The table exteriors have a bamboo laminate that give a classic look to the table and complements almost every room decor. The legs have additional levelers that allow you to adjust the table even on an uneven floor so that the game is never compromised.

The playing surface is equipped with a double sealed warp resistant playbed so that there is a ball roll consistency. The MDF playbed is covered by a traditional highly durable green nylon cloth that simulates a playground. The playbed is surrounded by rails which are 5.5” in height. They not only resist the balls from moving out of the table but the rubber cushioning that surrounds the playbed and lines the rails provide excellent rebound for accuracy and speed. The rail integrated pockets with black corner posts and caps accentuate the classic look of the pool table. The Mizerak Dynasty pool table is equipped with an automatic ball return mechanism that collects the balls immediately after it is pocketed so that you do not have to waste any time to start off with the next game. The Mizerak Dynasty model comes with a set of pool billiard balls, a cue ball, two high quality Mizerak cues, two pieces of cue chalk, a black plastic triangle and a special brush for the cloth.

The only disadvantage of this best pool table  model is that it is not suitable for professional use and that some users claim that it emits a weird chemical smell if the room is not properly ventilated.

2. Triumph Sports 45-6784 Santa Fe 89-inch Billiard Table

Triumph Sports 45-6784 Santa Fe 89-inch Billiard Table

The Triumph 89” Santa Fe is an elegant and classy looking pool table with a touch of tradition. The wooden bed with the plastic claw feet adds the traditional look to the billiards table. This is further enhanced by the classic fabric drop pockets and the green nylon cloth that dons the playbed.

Unlike the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ billiard table, the Triumph 89” Santa Fe is as the name suggests 89” in length and measures almost like a standard billiard table with a width of 50” and a height of 31”. This is not the table for you if you have a space constraint in your recreational room. While the first thing that attracted you in case of the Mizerak Dynasty was its size, this best pool table will attract you with its sheer traditional look that adds to the essence of any room in which it is kept. This is coupled with the professional size of the table.

The use of plastic in the legs have been criticized a lot but you have to take into account that it has reduced the effective cost to a great extent without compromising much on the durability and strength of the product. The legs have levelers so that the pool table does not wobble or the playbed does not slope even in an uneven floor.  The table weighs around 220 lbs which adds to the stability of the table.

The playbed has peripheral rails with rubber cushioning to maintain the accuracy and speed of the rebounding balls. The pockets have those traditional wooden curved finish to complement the overall design of the table. The product requires minimum assembly and you have to only attach the legs. The table comes pre-assembled for most part of it. The table is accompanied with a set of billiards balls, a triangle, a chalk, a plastic brush and two pool cues. It is a good option if you consider the price that you have to shell out for this table.

3. Barrington Pool Table review

Barrington Pool Table

The triumph 89” Santa Fe which boasted off the traditional design but lacked the solid wooden structure and has often been criticized for its plastic components have been much overcome in this model from the Barrington Billiards Company. The 83’ slate pool from Barrington Billiards Company has a similar design that is traditional and rich and at the same time is constructed from pure wood.

Thus it’s pretty obvious that this pool table is not as cheap as the ones mentioned above and has a decent price tag attached to it.  It is specially designed for those who do not have a space constraint in their recreational room and would like to invest in this rich and elegant look. The entire pool table is made from wood and has the brown wood gloss finish.

The curved legs ooze elegance and stand for quality and durability. The tournament style pool table measures 99” in length, 56” in width and 31” in height. The pool table from Barrington Billiards boasts off a 1” thick slate playbed which is much preferred over the cheap MDF variants available. The slate playbed is topped with a burgundy felt. The rails that mark the periphery of the playbed is well cushioned for an accurate rebound effect. The drop pockets are made from leather. The 8.3’ slate pool from Barrington Billiards Company is expensive and does not come with any accessories and weighs around 735lbs which means that it is almost impossible to move it around once it has been installed. But if money or space is not of much concern and you want to invest in a pool table that everyone would envy, then this would definitely enhance the glamour of your recreational room.

4. MD Sports 7.5 Titan Pool Table

MD Sports 7.5 Titan Pool Table

The 7.5’ Titan billiards table from M D Sports features a more modern approach to its look. The sleek table fits in any modern room or office easily. The table measures 89” in length, 50” in width and 31” in height. The size appeals to novice as well as professional players.  The gorgeous sleek table is made from wood while the loft style legs are made of premium metal and provide stability to the table. The legs are further equipped with over sized levelers that help in maintaining the slope of the pool table even in an uneven floor and eliminate any risk of wobbling.

The playbed or the playfield as it may be referred to is constructed of high quality MDF and is topped by a 18mm thick laminate felt that brings about strength, smoothness and durability and ensures a flat ball roll and consistency.  The aprons and the rails are also made of the high quality MDF that is used in the base. The rails are reinforced with K-66 specification wood bumper guards that provide consistent accuracy and bounce and are complemented with standard style drop pockets. The  MD Sports 7.5’ Titan billiards table comes with a set of balls, two wooden cues, a triangular rack, two chalk cubes and a table brush. The grey felt may lack speed and may be a little slower than the green or burgundy ones we generally find.

5. Olhausen Pool Table

Olhausen Pool Table

This is one of the most premium products in our list of best pool tables but is so valuable that you cannot make a list of the best pool tables without the Olhausen Billiards Grand Champion III. This fully professional pool table can be customized to the “t”. First of all, it is available in a number of sizes, the length of which may vary, viz. 7’, 8’, 8.5’, 9’ and 10’. It is built to withstand rough commercial use and is not at all an affordable product if you are thinking for your home use. The product is guaranteed for life.

The basic construction of the table or the materials remain the same for all the size variants. The table is made from solid hard wood. The playbed has a 1” thick diamond honed flat slate topped by a felt cloth that brings about consistency in the ball roll. You can choose the color of the cloth according to your preference. Olhausen let’s you choose from 24 color variants in terms of the cloth.  Not only the color, the type of cloth can also be customized. You can choose from deluxe cloth or can upgrade to premium Teflon cloth or professional Simons 860 cloth at an extra price.

The playbed is surrounded by Accu fast rails and KD apron brackets. The rails and aprons have ultra violet cured finish. The Accu-fast rails supported by Accu-fast bumpers are equipped with 100% pure high grade rubber which makes it consistent and accurate. The rubber is 100% bonded to the rail and meets the BCA standards and has a true K-66 profile. You can also customize in terms of the finish, the rail sight and the rail finish.  The corners are wrapped in hard plastic which prevents accidents from bumps and hard knocks. The sturdy pool table stands on legs that are wrapped with hard plastic and has levelers to adjust to an uneven floor.

6. Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table

Fat Cat Reno II Pool Table

You cannot go wrong with the Fat Cat Reno II. A decently priced and highly affordable billiards table (some even consider it to be cheap and half the price of what it should be in accordance with its features), the Fat Cat Reno II exudes elegance and luxury from the very first glance at it. The Fat Cat Reno II is renowned for its high quality and measures 89.5” in length, 50” in width and 31” in height. The Reno II doubles as an excellent piece of furniture with its two tone veneer maple finish.

The large playbed is made from one inch MDF Accustate. Though traditionally slate is preferred over non slate materials but materials like Accustate can well compete with slate and above all the Fat Cat Reno II play surface comes with a 7 year warranty against warping and conditions that can make the playing surface uneven. The accustate bed is covered by a burgundy wool blend cloth that is more durable than the standard cloths or felts used. The playing surface is surrounded by solid wood rails that are 6” in thickness.

The rails are cushioned with K-66 rubber bumpers which are supposed to be the best in the market. Furthermore, the table features fringe drop pockets that complement the playbed. The sturdy table is supported by ¾” beveled legs that will not let the table wobble. The Fat Cat Reno II comes with a full set of two pieces of chalk, a triangle, brush, a set of quality billiard balls and two standard 57” cues. The only con in this set is that the cues that are provided along with this set are not up to the standard set by the Fat Cat Reno II table.

Best Pool Table Buying Guide 2020

There are a few factors that have to be considered before you just choose the pool table for your home or recreational area. But even before you start considering the factors that make or break a table, you need to know which type op pool table you should look out for.


The size of the pool table is the first of the factors that have to be looked in to. We would be providing you a chart of the size of the room that is required for the table of your choice. Depending on the availability of the space you can select the size of the pool table that you should go in for.

Size of the table
Size of the room required (with 48” cues)


It’s pretty obvious that a pool table would be used for playing a game of pool but by purpose here we would be referring to the fact that the table is being used for recreational use only or for professional game play. Professional tables have to meet some strict restrictions set by the Billiards Association and hence you have to follow the guide lines carefully before buying them. Also some tables are equipped with coin operated options that will let you collect the return balls on paying with coins which are more suited for commercial places.


You can choose from tables with ball return wherein the ball once potted flows through a channel built alongside the table and can be easily collected from there or you can go for ones with French style drop pockets wherein the ball once potted stays in the pocket and has to be collected from the pocket itself.

LEGS: The legs are of utmost importance when it comes to the steadiness of the table. The legs are one of the most important parts of the table and most prefer sturdy wooden legs over hard plastic or metal ones. Also they have to be equipped with levelers which are almost like a must have to cope with uneven floors.

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The pool frame is the structure that binds together all the components of the table. This stands for durability and stability of the table. Though most people prefer solid hardwood frames but considering the cost involved in woods recreational tables are being made with MDF counterparts. The frame material does not affect the gameplay though and so depending on the type of use and the amount you can shell out, you can choose the type of material for the frame.


Typically slate is preferred as the base for the actual play area. But it is being widely replaced by MDF and MDF accustate. Though non slate materials were previously criticized, today they are giving slate a high competition and materials like MDF accustate are equally good. But slate is still considered when it comes to professional tables.  The slate thickness is of equal importance. 1” thick slate is the best but even ¾” or the 7/8” are good and can be considered if you want to cut down the price.


You can choose from a wool blend material and a worsted version of the same. The latter is better in terms of consistency resilience and can be cleaned easily and is hence gaining popularity in recent times. Some even use nylon cloth. The main difference that these make is on the durability of the product and very little on the game play.


The playbed has to be surrounded by wooden rails. These rails are generally made from solid hardwood and provide you the support to take those shots and should have a high cushioning on the inside to provide the perfect bounce to the rebounding ball. The cushioning affects the accuracy of the shot and hence the K66 rubber cushioning is preferred. MDF rails are not preferred at all. The size or thickness of the rails is very important as it gives you that much space to take those shots. A 6” rail is considered to be of standard size.


Apart from the style of pocket mentioned earlier the material with which it is made is of importance too. Plastic may be an inexpensive option but is of poor quality. Rubber is preferred for commercial use while leather is considered typically for residential pools. The fringes and the shields add on to the aesthetics but do not have much beneficial value.


 Now that we have provided you with some of the best pool tables available in the market which range from the typical recreational ones to the highly professional grades and the buying guide you should not have any difficulty choosing the pool table that is perfect for you.

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